I have come across many ways that people utilize their 5 finger silicone oven gloves, so out of interest I thought that I would scour the internet to find out all of the ways that I can find how people make use of their gloves.

Because they are made from solid food grade silicone, they are completely waterproof. This makes them a lot more versatile than the typical fabric and fiber gloves.

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Below, I have listed everything that I found during my research. Most practices are pretty normal and basic but there are some usages that you might not have thought about and may even seem strange. People are very resourceful and inventive.

Removing bread and cookies from the oven.

Handling and adjusting hot racks on the BBQ and in the oven.

Taking the roast out from the oven.

Retrieving hot foods and cookware from the microwave oven.

Grabbing baked potatoes from the oven.

Turning whole racks of ribs and whole chicken on the BBQ.

Rotating skewers and kebabs on the BBQ.

Holding onto hot grilling/BBQ utensils.

Holding onto boiled potatoes in order to peel them.

Grasping corn while removing the husks.

Pulling apart the hot meat from whole chicken, ribs etc.

Holding the strainer while draining the vegetables.

Grabbing onto the meat securely in order to carve it up.

Handling hot foil wrapped steaming foods.

Cooking over an open camp fire or flame, marshmallows, toast etc.

Taking out the meat from the smoker.

Taking out eggs, corn, fish, shellfish etc. from boiling water.

Handling hot frying pans and pots on the stove hub.

Dropping foods into searing oil.

Putting wood or logs onto an open fire.

Gripping steaming jars when canning foods.

De-icing the freezer.

Looking for and handling frozen food in the freezer.

Cleaning ice and snow from the car.

Replacing hot light bulbs.

Removing stubborn, tight lids from jars.

Cleaning the car.

Washing the dishes.

Household cleaning.

Cleaning make up from brushes.

As you see, there are many ways to use silicone oven gloves, some conventional, some not. I am sure that there are many more uses for them because they are so versatile.

If you know of any more reasons to use these gloves, it would be very interesting if you would leave you suggestions below and I will add them to the above list.

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