Each time that you use your BBQ, make sure that you clean it up as soon as you can. This will keep it in tip top condition so you won’t be met with any issues the next time that you use it.

Great BBQ

Great BBQ

Be Organized

Carry out as much of your preparation as you potentially can the day ahead of your gathering. Marinating animal based foods in the chiller overnight will impart to them many benefits, such as tenderising, giving the food flavor, plus the food will be already prepared. Salads, accompaniments and desserts are able to be made ahead of time.

Convenient Equipment

Keep all of your BBQ tools close to hand so that you won’t be heading into the kitchen constantly. Keep a stall or table close to the BBQ and keep all of your tools on it. If you do this then you should be able to stay with your BBQ all of the time, and more importantly, your guests. Another thing you should do is thoroughly clean you tools and equipment before stowing them away.

Meat at Room Temperature

About an hour prior to cooking your meat products, take them from the chiller to bring up to room temperature. This will keep the moisture inside the meat so it helps to stop charring of the food and stops it drying out also. Make certain that any meat is not kept in direct sunlight and put a lid on to cover it. Long handled tools can be used to keep hands away from the heat of the fire, you could also use silicone oven and BBQ gloves which will protect your skin. You can even use them to handle food directly on the BBQ. See more here – silicone bbq and oven gloves.


A great way to add a depth of taste you your food, and to tenderise it, meat especially, is to marinade it for a minimum of half an hour. Some stronger flavor meats could be left overnight but gentler foods such as fish could benefit from as little as 20 minutes, too long and the acidic content may actually cook the fish.

Cook Your Food In Foil

Cook your foods in tin or alluminium foil as this can help tender foods like fish from breaking up into a mess. It also has the benefit of stopping the food from burning. You can also add some of the marinade or some sauces, lemon, lime, wine and herbs etc, to give superb flavor to your food.

Al Fresco Deck Warmer

One the sun disappears, it can get quite chilly so an al fresco heater can keep the party going outside instead of heading indoors.

BBQ Tools and Equipment Most Used.

  • Brush for basting – Essential for spreading oils and marinades on to your food.
  • Spatulas – Great for turning tender or soft foods.
  • Tongs – To keep your fingers and hands away from the ravages of the heat.
  • Silicone glove – Awesone new gloves that protect your hands from the heat.
  • Wire Brush – Keep your BBQ clean as possible by getting rid of all the hard burnt on food that sticks to the BBQ.
  • Water Spray – To avoid any flare up due to excess oils and fats.
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