Why Buy SHROGS Silicone Oven Gloves?

If you’re a klutz in the kitchen like me and burn yourself on a regular basis, and you are considering buying some gloves for your oven and BBQ, you will want to know more about them before getting your hard earned money out.

SHROGS silicone oven gloves are made from a mold that uses 178g of silicone. Nearly all of the other similar gloves that you see, especially on Amazon are made from a mold that uses 145g of silicone.

That’s right, our gloves are made from 22% more silicone that the vast majority of the other silicone oven gloves. That means EVEN LONGER protection from the intense heat of the oven and BBQ.

Thick Oven Gloves

Thick Oven Gloves

The other sellers will not advertise that their gloves are made from less silicone than ours, why would they? Because they know that they wouldn’t stand a chance when they come up against our gloves that are thicker than theirs.

They probably don’t even know how much silicone goes into the manufacture of their gloves.

What are the Benefits of Silicone Oven Gloves?

Food grade silicone is a wonderful thing. It is registered by the FDA for safe use in temperatures that reach up to +450 fahrenheit (+230 celcius). They can be used in temperatures as low as -40 fahrenheit (-40 celcius).

Food grade silicone is non-toxic. There is no BPA (Bisphenol A) in it. This is a chemical compound that is used to make some plastics and resins found in various food and drink packaging. There is concern that this may interfere with natural hormones in unborn, infants, and young children and could possibly be harmful to their health.

Our silicone oven gloves have a very low chemical reactivity. This means that it will take a long time before you see any signs of deterioration in them. They are resistant to mildew or mold and will stay in the same condition for years.

They won’t pick up any smell or discolor and stain from the food they touch and they exhibit no perceptible smell either.

Heart Shaped Raised Grips

Heart Shaped Raised Grips

As opposed to oven mitts, the gloves are manufactured with a 5 fingered design. This gives your fingers a lot more movement and flexibility. This increased dexterity will allow you to get a far better grip on the hot cooking utensils meaning less chance of dropping the food leading to less risk for you. There are also tiny little bumps all over both sides of the gloves in the shape of hearts in SHROGS design. Imagine how a car tire grips to the road, so the raised hearts will grip edges and contours of the cooking utensils.

Silicone is so easy to clean. If you haven’t handled anything greasy or oily, they can be rinsed off in water. If they are greasy, they can be washed in the dishwasher with all your other cutlery, plates, cups, dishes etc. If you have no dishwasher, then they can be washed in soapy water with the dishes and rinsed with fresh water and hung to dry. Very simple and convenient.

They are fully waterproof. This means that you can immerse your gloved hand directly into boiling water to retrieve eggs, sweet corn, shellfish, crab etc. On the BBQ you can pick up big items like whole chicken and racks of ribs by hand without the need for long handled tongs and forks, and then you can pull the meat apart with your gloves.

Use your gloves if you need to search the depths of your freezer for that piece of meat, or when your freezer gets clogged with ice and you need to de-ice it, your Shrogs gloves will keep out the cold so you can get your freezer looking as good as new.

Silicone is perfect for gripping on to, and opening hard-to-open lids from jars.

Being non-conductive of electricity, you will be able to safely remove and replace light bulbs.

SHROGS Silicone Oven Gloves

SHROGS Silicone Oven Gloves

In Summary

If you are looking forward to the grilling season or enjoy cooking of any kind like baking, smoking or cooking on the hob, you will discover that these silicone heat resistant gloves are perfect for you. There are many uses for them. You can use them on anything that is hot, indoors and outdoors.

If you have a BBQ anytime, they are perfect for the job. There is nothing better to help lift out hunks of hot meat, they are easier to use than the utensil method.

What about using them for an outdoor roaster for your Thanksgiving bird?

Inside, you can use them to take hot bakeware out of the oven, or pick up pots and pans from the hob, or they’re perfect for removing microwave cooked food. It is much easier to grab a cooksheet or baking tray than with a with stiff potholder. They will give you better dexterity than an oven mitt and will be less taxing on the fingers.

You can put your gloves into boiling water to remove items. Use them to lift the canning rack out from the pan. You will have no more soggy hands if you accidentally spill water on your gloves and your hands won’t get burned when exposed to hot liquids.

Tough as they are, they are still really flexible and you get a better sense of touch which means greater control over the food leading to safer cooking practices. After you use them, you will not want to go back to your old material oven gloves.

Once you have finished using them, they are easy to keep clean with soap and water, contrasting to fabric gloves that regularly stain or scorch. The majority of the mess can be rinsed off with water but to get rid of grease, they can be put in the dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe.

If you want to purchase a pair of SHROGS silicone oven gloves, you can buy them from Amazon.com by clicking on this link Go To Amazon

Silicone Oven Gloves

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