New Company SHROGS Starts Its Operations On Amazon In The US In Time For BBQ Season


A brand new business has begun to sell its own brand of silicone oven gloves on in the USA. SHROGS have been toiling away hard in order for their gloves to be available for the upcoming hotter summer months and the predicted rush for BBQ tools and equipment.

Although there are numerous different styles and types of oven gloves that customers can purchase, SHROGS wanted to put their whole efforts into manufacturing gloves made of food grade silicone because they have many advantages over the other types of gloves that are available.

Mark Keane, the public relations manager, spoke about some of the benefits of food grade silicone gloves. “The gloves can withstand temperatures as low as minus forty and up to plus four hundred and fifty fahrenheit. They are easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher. A five finger design allows much greater flexibility which means a better grip. Also, little raised heart shaped protrusions increase gripping efficiency. They won’t acquire any smell or discoloration from food.” Keane added, “Apart from the general benefits of silicone gloves, SHROGS are made from a mold that uses 178 grams of silicone. Most other companies use a 145 gram mold. That means our gloves have 22% more silicone than the majority of other gloves.”

Keane pointed out that was selected as their primary outlet to begin its ventures because its reputation and standing is second to none and customers can trust the excellent customer service and delivery times. SHROGS will benefit from the great potential amount of customers that use as their first online shopping destination. Keane wanted to stress that in due course, many other outlets will be selling SHROGS products.

Customer Seraphina wrote this comment “These gloves are a must for anyone that does a lot of grilling or cooking! In the summer we love to cook outside, and if you like to be more adventurous on the grill, then you need gloves like these! I have been doing so many recipes with vegetable grilling, and smaller items on grill mats, so these gloves come in handy all the time!”

Mark Keane, uncompromising when it comes to customer satisfaction said, “We love getting comments from customers like Seraphina. At the moment we are a small company but getting wonderful comments like that will help us grow in the future. We will be giving superb customer service and guarantee”.

“SHROGS is an abbreviation silicone heat resistant oven gloves, simply take the first letter of each word.” Mark Keane said of the name. “We wanted to keep the name short and catchy so that it would be easily remembered, such as “pass us the SHROGS””.

Apart from their initial product launch of their gloves made from food grade silicone, this is only the start. Mark Keane, the public relations manager wanted to point out, “There are many more exciting products that we are looking into to develop, not only in the oven gloves and mitts department but many other niches too. Food grade silicone is an amazing product and we want to take advantage of it”.

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